July 14, 2021

by Chris Ryan, Esquire contributorI’m a fishy man.

I am the guy who spends hours at a time trying to figure out how to fish with a rod.

I’m the guy with the long legs and the broad shoulders and the goofy grin.

I have a big, big fish belly.

I think about it every day.

I’m the one who keeps coming up with new ideas for fishing gear.

I’ve always wanted to go fishing and I think it would be a cool experience.

But I’m not good at it.

I’ve always loved to fish, but I never did it.

I like to be in the water and I like the idea of being on the water with the fish.

I love to be out on the lake, with the sun on me, and see it in a new light.

I get tired of watching people do it.

But when I’m out there fishing I get really excited.

I just want to catch a fish.

I have a few hobbies.

I read a lot.

I do all kinds of science research, I’m into sports.

I guess the main thing is fishing.

My husband is a big fish, too.

He likes to fish a lot of the time.

It’s his passion.

We love to fish and we love the idea that I can get away from the stresses of life and be with the fishes and not have to worry about food and all that.

We have a boat, but it’s just not good enough.

We had a big lake in the house.

The house is like a giant lake.

The lake is a beautiful lake.

I was going to fish there.

But then I got tired of the lake.

It was too big for my hands and I couldn’t fish the big fish.

Then the next day we got a little wind and the lake was like 10 feet below the water.

I could hardly fish the little fish.

We bought a big boat and put it in the boat yard.

That was the first time I fish a big bait.

That is what it was.

I am a very busy guy.

I watch TV, read books, do all sorts of stuff.

I work on a lot projects.

I also have a job as a real estate agent in Hawaii.

My wife and I live there and have two kids.

My kids are pretty much in school all the time and they are all going to college in the fall.

I don’t want them to have to deal with me anymore.

They don’t have to learn how to catch fish anymore.

They are good kids, but my wife is going to be a little girl and I am going to have a daughter.

I’ll have a girl and a boy.

That’s when I will retire.