August 3, 2021

Fishing gear manufacturer and distributor FishGear has announced it is liquidating its inventory of fishing gear from 2015 and 2018.

This includes fishing gear for commercial, recreational, and recreational fishing.

The company had purchased more than $20 million worth of gear, including gear from more than 70 brands in the first quarter of 2018, including brands like Aquavision, Proline, and FishBuddy.

FishGear has now decided to lay off 1,500 people at its headquarters in Brooklyn, New York.

It said it would lay off an additional 1,000 people in its Brooklyn operations over the next few months.

Fishing gear manufacturer FishGear said it is eliminating the number of employees it has in the United States, with the remaining staff based in China.

It said it will continue to support its U.S. and China operations through its “Fishing for Life” program, which has already raised more than 80 million dollars.

The company will also continue to offer the FishBuddies line of fishing rods and bait, and to sponsor its online courses.

Fishermen and anglers will have the opportunity to sell their equipment at a reduced price after January 20.

The sales will begin January 10.FISHGAMES will also lay off the staff at its New York offices and the sales of its fishing gear will cease, FishGear confirmed in a statement.

The decision comes as the industry faces a crisis of fish shortages.

Fished for Life, a program that provides gear and instruction for fishers, will be suspended, Fish Gear said in a blog post.

“The company will continue supporting FishBuds online courses, which have already raised over $20.5 million in funding.”

Fishing Gear was founded in 2012 by David DeBruin and James DeBry.

The three started the company out of their garage to develop and sell fishing gear.

FishGear’s initial line of gear includes line fishing line, rod fishing rod, and bait.

The line fishing rod is a rod that is used to catch and kill the fish in the catch line of your line fishing reel.

FishBud is a line that is hooked into your line bait, allowing the line to hook into the fish.

The bait, used to reel in fish, can be sold at FishGear or its online store.

The fishing line can also be purchased online for $6.99, or in bulk for $9.99 at FishBUD.

The bait and line fishing rods can also also be used in other types of fishing.

Fish Gear also offers fishing gear products, like fish tackle, tackle fishing rod accessories, and line, line bait and reel fishing equipment.