August 9, 2021

A little over a year ago, my buddy and I set off from the coast of New York for a weekend in the mountains of Maine.

Our plan was to take the boat down to the South Fork of the Chesapeake Bay and take a dip.

The bay was an island of calm calm water that had an ocean view to it.

But there was an unexpected change in the waters.

As we set out into the dark, we saw a giant whale, which I guess is kind of the definition of a giant, and it was about six feet long.

I could not believe it.

There were a couple of whales, too, and we were able to spot two of them, one of which was about five feet tall.

We then made our way back to the boat, but as we approached the end of the pier, we heard a noise.

It was the whales.

It had started to swim back toward the boat.

I ran to the water, grabbed my phone, and started recording.

A few minutes later, I had a few clips.

At the time, I thought it was a prank, but it turned out to be a very real threat.

This is what the video looked like: After a brief conversation with my friend, I made my way back down to shore, where I saw two whales again, about five foot tall, swimming back toward us.

It appeared that they were in the process of taking another dive, but they didn’t seem to be concerned with us.

Instead, they were just swimming around, probably just trying to get a good look at the boat and see what we were doing.

My buddy had already filmed the entire ordeal, and now we were on the same page.

After a few minutes, the whales began to slowly approach us again, and I was worried that something bad was about to happen.

My phone started buzzing with an increasing volume of messages, and the whale we had just seen was approaching the boat again.

When we started talking to them, it became apparent that they could hear us, and were now talking in a sort of language I did not understand.

They were saying things like “Are you scared of whales?” or “What are you doing up there?”

The whale we saw was a blue whale, and there were two of those in the water.

As I tried to ask them a few questions, the whale was obviously not interested in my answers, so I started recording the conversation.

The whales were actually very aggressive.

They kept swimming toward us, coming towards us, hitting us, grabbing our gear, and eventually throwing rocks at the boats propellers.

We had no choice but to turn around and swim back to shore.

After several minutes, a large blue whale emerged from the water and started circling the boat around the outside.

We were shocked and confused, as we did not know what to do.

I was on the boat with my GoPro, and my camera was not attached to my rig.

When I finally got back on board, the boat was a mess.

I had broken the propeller on my camera, and had no idea what to expect.

The next morning, we set off to the nearest town, where we found a small boat that had broken its propellers and had been left stranded on a cliff face.

I started asking everyone I knew about what happened.

I told everyone that we had been caught by the whales, and that we were going to be trapped for at least a week.

When my friends told me that they had seen the whale on the beach, I got really emotional.

We all went back to our boat, which was in the middle of the ocean, and began to paddle around the area, looking for a place to stay.

When the next day rolled around, it was too late.

We spent the night on the rocks, and in the morning we were stranded.

When you are stranded, you can’t move, so you try to swim.

The water was very shallow, and as we paddled slowly toward the beach we noticed some rocks, which were apparently being thrown.

We decided to try and climb down into the shallow water, which turned out not to be an easy task.

As the water was too deep, we had to walk down a rocky section of beach, where the rocks and the water were a little further.

It took us about 15 minutes of paddling, and some really heavy rocks to finally reach the bottom of the rocky section.

It turned out that the water level was quite low, and when we reached the bottom, it wasn’t a big, sandy area.

We started to get dehydrated, so we started drinking water.

By the time we were done, it felt like we were swimming through the ocean again.

It felt really good to be swimming again.

In the days that followed, we started to hear from a lot of people who had experienced similar situations.

We even got a few messages from people who heard our story