August 10, 2021

More than a year ago, Orvis unveiled a new line of fishing gear aimed at anglers.

Today, the company is facing a second wave of competition.

The trend is to sell the same gear online and to retailers and online retailers are starting to sell more expensive versions of the same line.

And some competitors are even launching their own lines.

The biggest fish market in Canada, the Greater Calgary area, is struggling to keep up with the demand for its popular Orvis line.

Orvis has sold more than 4 million of the fish line products in Canada since 2013, according to data compiled by the Canadian Association of Fishermen.

But in 2018, Orvinas sales fell by nearly 25 per cent from a year earlier.

In the U.S., Fisher Fisher and Trout Canada is trying to stem the tide by offering more affordable options for anglers and retailers.

The association has introduced a new program, which has a $50-per-week price discount and includes all new fishing gear that has been certified by the association as being fishing-friendly.

Fisher Fisher says it has sold 4.2 million of its popular line in Canada.

The group says it is seeing the market for fishing gear shrink as anglers seek better gear and as companies like Orvis step up to compete.

“We’re not going to sell all the stuff that Orvis is selling, but we do sell some that are not Orvis, that are more affordable,” said Gary Burt, the association’s executive director.

“I think we’re going to see a lot of that happen.”

The Fisher Fisher line has become so popular that it has become a mainstay in the market.

It has made up more than 40 per cent of the market share in Alberta, the second-largest province in Canada behind Ontario, according a report released this month by the industry group.

But Burt says many anglers are choosing cheaper alternatives.

The association has even started selling more expensive models of Orvis products in stores.

For example, the Orvis Aquasaver is a line of equipment that is more expensive than the more popular Aquasave line.

The Aquasavers are designed to help anglers get a quick and easy way to fish and catch fish.

The Fisher Fisher Aquasaves are more expensive, costing $150 per kit.

Burt says he’s not surprised by the trend because Orvis and other brands like Orvin have tried to stay ahead of the curve.

He says the association has worked hard to promote and support products like Orvis line, which was introduced in 1999.

Bur says the trend is not just for angling.

He says Orvis continues to attract recreational anglers, as well as hunters.

“They’ve been able to grow the industry in the years we’ve been in the business and they’ve continued to grow,” he said.

“The number of anglers that are coming in to our events is phenomenal.”

The Orvis brand is sold through more than 500 stores across Canada, including Orvis stores in Calgary, Calgary, Edmonton, and Victoria, Burt said.

In Calgary, the retailer is seeing a steady rise in sales.

The city is the largest in Canada for fishing equipment, with more than 50,000 Orvis units on display.

The Orvis chain also operates stores in Victoria and Edmonton.

In Victoria, Orvys sales have been growing in the past year.

Last month, Orvuis sales grew by almost 13 per cent year over year to $2.7 million.

The Fishers Fisher line, on the other hand, has been losing ground in the province.

In May, Fisher Fisher sales dropped by 9.4 per cent, according the association.

That was the third consecutive month that Fisher Fishers sales fell.

The Orvin brand is now competing with a range of smaller companies that have also been struggling to stay afloat in the industry.

The Association of Canadian Fishermen says it’s seeing a slowdown in the number of new brands joining the market because the industry is in the midst of a boom.

It has been selling its line in stores since the early 2000s and is hoping to continue that success for the next few years, said Scott Miller, the group’s president.

Miller says the Orvin line is still in demand in the marketplace.

Miller said the association is working with retailers to develop a strategy for keeping up with demand for the line.

He said the group is working to develop new strategies that will help retailers compete successfully.

Fisher Fisher says its goal is to keep the Orvins line in the mainstream market.