August 15, 2021

I was one of the first people to be taught the Bible by my uncle.

I was 11 years old and I could recite the Book of Job at the time.

As a young adult, I have seen the world changed by the book.

It is an incredible book and the Bible is the greatest gift the world has to offer.

Today, I am still able to read the Bible and know the message that it is trying to impart to people.

But I was never taught how to interpret it, which is why I’m a Christian.

When I was young, my family was not well-versed in the Bible.

My mom was a pastor and my dad was a minister.

I had a father who was a preacher, a mother who was an educator, and I was raised in a household that didn’t understand the Bible, either.

We had our faith in God and our beliefs in Jesus Christ.

When my family became more well-educated, we started to study the Bible more closely and started to read it more frequently.

When we did, we came to realize that we had a deeper understanding of the Bible because of the great gifts that we were given.

Today I am an ordained minister.

Our church has a reputation for being more knowledgeable than other denominations.

We have been blessed with the ability to minister with a deeper knowledge of the Scriptures than any other denomination.

That’s not to say that we haven’t had challenges.

We’ve had to be more creative, but we’ve learned from each challenge and we’ve continued to do that.

When you are teaching people how to live their faith and how to think about their life, you’re also creating opportunities for them to experience and grow.

There are some people who aren’t interested in studying the Bible as a child, and those people don’t understand how to learn it.

So you’re trying to teach them how to pray and how that relates to the Bible that they are already familiar with.

So we’re still learning how to teach the Bible from a young age.

I teach Bible at the church in my neighborhood, and that is the area where I’m most concerned about teaching my church.

I don’t want to just say, “I’ll teach the kids to pray.

I’ll teach them to study.

I’m going to teach you to read and write and read more Bible.”

But I do want to know that they’re learning how the Bible can help them be better Christians.

They’re also looking for ways to be better people in their own lives.

We are also trying to get people to know the Bible for themselves, to take the Bible literally.

We want them to see it in the light of the life it describes.

When they come to us and we talk to them about the life of Christ, they are amazed and moved.

I think they’re amazed and touched by the depth and the breadth of the gospel.

There is something really great about the way we do our job.

When people come to our church, they see the world as it is.

It’s the way things are.

It really does resonate with them.

So the challenge is that we’re also trying, when they come and say, I’m trying to learn the Bible to help me live a better life, we’re not going to go there.

We’re going to tell them, the Bible tells us that.

We will talk about the things it tells us, but it will also tell you, the people who are around us are telling you the truth.

And we are going to do our best to show them the way to live the way Christ lived.

I want to talk a little bit about the role of the pastor.

We preach at our church to a small group of people.

The rest of the people in the congregation are mostly students.

We teach Bible in the church, and the kids in the class are not going into the church to study for an exam.

They are going into their classroom to learn what the Bible teaches about the importance of prayer and the value of reading and writing.

They also learn the importance and the beauty of the Book the Bible of Job.

They don’t have the opportunity to read that book before they’re baptized, and they are still not sure what to do with the Bible when they get baptized.

We also teach Bible to people who don’t speak the language.

They come to church with a language barrier, and we are very happy to have them join us.

I love the fact that we can teach the Scriptures to them, and in the process, we teach them about how to make a difference in their lives.

When a young man comes to me and he wants to go into the community ministry, and he’s trying to help other people, I say, he’s probably going to get the best Bible in this class, because the person is going to learn something that will be of benefit to him in his life and that will change his life.

I’ve got to teach my congregation