August 19, 2021

Fishing gear, fishing gear for the public and fishing gear that fishermen wear have all been the target of an unprecedented spate of severe weather conditions in the Australian Outback.

The devastating weather has caused many boats to sink, with at least 20 people dying in recent weeks.

On Tuesday, authorities declared a state of emergency in a section of the Murray River Basin, an area that’s been in the grip of severe drought for three years.

Australia’s chief scientist, Anthony Watts, said the die-offs are likely to become more widespread and are likely more severe if things do not improve quickly.

“It will become more extreme if conditions continue to deteriorate,” Watts said.

Fishermen in the region have also started preparing for the possibility of even bigger die-outs.

A spokesman for the Australian Fishermen’s Association said it was not the organisation’s intention to panic and urged the public to “take the time to make sure they have the right gear and the right equipment in their home, especially when there are other things that they need to do to survive.”

In some parts of the state, the fish death toll has reached 100, with many communities still reeling from the massive floods of 2017.

Meanwhile, a massive fishing vessel is now sinking in the Kimberley River in Western Australia.

The vessel, the Roraima, has been floating on a shoal for nearly a week, and the authorities said it would likely sink.

In Darwin, about 100 fishing gear fishing boats have been hit by a large wave in recent days, with the vessels suffering damage to their hulls and rigging.

Authorities have said the waves were “unusually high.”

More than 1,000 boats have also been hit in Western Victoria, and thousands of other boats have flooded in the state in recent years.