September 2, 2021

The Fishing Gear Quest is an epic quest where you must craft an awesome fishing rod for a legendary fish to appear in your inventory.

If you fail the quest, the quest will not show up in your quest log.

You must complete the quest to get your reward.

To complete the Fishing Gear quest, you must obtain the Fishing Rod and the Fishing Ring from the Fishmonger.

The Fishing Gear quests will only show up if you have a Fishing Ring equipped and the fishing rod is the type you want.

The Fishmongers are located at the docks of the southern part of the island.

They sell fish, fish bait, and fishing equipment.

To start the quest and complete the quests, you will need to speak with the Fishmongo, and he will tell you about the Fishing Guilds fishing gear.

You can also find Fishmongers at the beach in the middle of the beach and on the sand.

To begin the quest the Fishmaster tells you that he is searching for a specific Fishing Gear that can help him hunt the legendary fish, the Dragonfish.

To find the gear, you need to head to the docks and go to the FishMongo.

The fishing gear quest is only available once you have completed the Fishing Log and Fishing Guild.

To get the Fishing Rig, you have to complete the fishing log quest and then head to an area called the “Pine Tree” near the Fishing Lodge.

You have to speak to the Pinesman to complete his quest.

You need to find and catch the Dragon, a legendary creature that can only be caught in the Fishing Lodges.

To catch the dragon, you just have to look for it in the area where the Fishing Lizard resides.

Once you have caught the Dragon in the fishing lodges, head back to the Fishing Clan to receive the Fishing Equipment, Fishing Rod, Fishing Ring, and Fishing Gear.

The fishing gear will be an item that is unlocked once you are at the Fishing Level and at the appropriate level.

You will only be able to use this item once.

Once the item is equipped, it will disappear and you cannot equip it again until you get the quest from the Fishing Mogul.

The next Fishing Log is located at a certain location that is on the northern part of an island.

You need to catch the legendary Dragon, the legendary Fish, and the legendary Rod in order to complete this quest.

The Fishing Logs Fishing Level is different from the other Logs.

There is a fishing log that has the Fishing level and Fishing level of the legendary fishing gear you are hunting.

If the Fishing log has the level of a fishing rod, it means that you have an active Fishing Log.

The levels of Fishing Rods and Fishing Rings are different depending on your level and your current Fishing Level.

The first log has a Fishing level 12.

The next log has Fishing level 14.

The third log has Level 15.

The fourth log has level 16.

The fifth log has fishing level 18.

The sixth log has that same level and level, and so on.

If your Fishing Level drops below the level that you are currently at, then you will be unable to equip the Fishing Item.

The last log has an Item Level of 18, and thus will not give you any Fishing Item when you equip it.

If that level drops below 18, then there is a chance that you will get a Fishing Item instead of the Fishing item.

You do not have to do anything to get the item.

When you get an Item level of 18 or below, it is possible to equip a Fishing Rod that has that item level.

The rod has the same level, Fishing level, item level, fishing level, etc. The Item level is the level you would have to have to reach to equip that item.

This item level can be different for each Fishing Level you have.

You have a total of 10 Fishing Level items.

The only Fishing Level that is not displayed on the Fishing Ladder is Fishing Level 10.

If a Fishing Level above the level on the Ladder has an item level that is higher than 10, then it will be displayed in the next section.

The level of Fishing Gear is displayed in yellow.

The level of fishing equipment is in red.

The item level is displayed with an asterisk next to the item level of it.

The item level displayed on your Fishing Log will be shown with an orange line that runs from the top to the bottom of the log.

The amount of fish on your fishing gear is displayed on a scale.

The yellow lines indicate how many fish are on your gear.

The orange lines indicate the number of fishing rods you have equipped.

You may equip as many fishing rods as you want, but you can only equip two rods at a time.

The number of rods you equip at a given time is indicated by the arrow next to your name.

You cannot equip more fishing rods than you have rods.

The quantity of fish you have on