September 3, 2021

You can catch your first fish on Saturday.

You can pick up the second fish by Sunday.

And the third one by Monday morning.

It’s your chance to catch up on your gear before it goes back into storage and goes into the rivers for the next round of fishing.

The South Australian government is looking to boost its stock of fish in the South East.

The South East Fishery Management Board has said that fishing in the region will start on Friday and will run until December 16.

The board said that in the first three months of the year, there will be over 4,000 tonnes of fish harvested by South East fishing gear manufacturers.

It said that the majority of the catch will be caught on the north and west coasts of South Australia, with the rest of the haul going to the east coast.

Fish caught in the last two months of 2016 are being sold at market for $150 to $300 a pound.

A spokesperson for the South Australian Government said the government has been working hard to ensure that our fishing community has access to quality fish for their families and to ensure our industry is not impacted by the high water conditions in South East Queensland.

“South East Queensland is a significant catch and release area for South Australian fish and a critical resource for the commercial fisheries of the South West and North West of South Africa,” the spokesperson said.

However, the spokesman also said the South Australia Government has no plans to introduce legislation to allow for fish catching in South Australia waters.