September 7, 2021

An Afghan government-run website has announced a “zero tolerance” policy for those who fish in “no-go zones” in the country’s vast Central Asia.

The government website said it would be “committed to ensure the safety and security of fishermen and to prevent illegal fishing.”

The Afghan government has been fighting for more than five years to end illegal fishing, but the fishing has remained largely unregulated and unregulated fish stocks are among the worst in the world.

The latest crackdown follows a series of high-profile incidents last year in which Afghans caught by Afghan security forces were allegedly killed, their bodies allegedly dumped in rivers and even burned in front of their families.

The Taliban has also been blamed for the attacks, which include an attack on a fisherman’s boat and a firebombing of a boat belonging to an Afghan businessman who was visiting the region.

Last year, Afghan police said they arrested about 80 people accused of fishing illegally in “zero-tolerance zones,” including some who were allegedly armed.