September 24, 2021

The fishing gear market continues to fall, with the biggest fall among the big-name brands.

Fish and wildlife agencies and the International Federation of Fishermen and Aquaculture Industries (IFAA) have said that in the past three weeks, the U.S. has seen a 15 percent drop in imports of fish and invertebrates, as well as a 14 percent drop for large-scale fishing gear.

Fish & Fish products fell by a third in January from a year earlier.

And as the season continues, it’s a concern for consumers.

The International Federation for Aquacultural Industries said last week that it expects a decline in the market by around 25 percent this year.

It also cited a drop in the availability of equipment as a major factor, and the continued threat of invasive species and a drop-off in demand for imported fishing gear as another concern.

The fishing industry is also expected to see a reduction in overall sales in the coming months.

The IFAAA, which represents companies like Fisher-Price, Tippmann, Aquacom, and Aquafina, said in a statement that it has already reduced its seafood stocks by more than 60 percent this season due to the threat of new invasive species, and that this fall could see even greater declines.

“Fishing gear is a critical part of the fishery and our customers have a right to expect that products they buy from our suppliers are of high quality and meet all our quality requirements,” the IFAIA said in the statement.

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