September 29, 2021

FISHING GEAR FISHERS NEED: -A pair of poles for a single boat -Lighter and a rod -Fishing line, line holder and fishing line -Tuna and snapper -Sprockets -A boat trailer -A fishing reel -Tripods -Tarp -A net -Lanyard and a fishing hook -Tail hook -A line to tie on the line -A knife -A reel -A bucket -A bag -A fish-hook to tie around your fish -A small piece of fishing line (for catching small fish) -FISHING SUPPLIES FISHINGS NEED: A bucket -Hair spray -Tampons -Shampoo -Sunscreen -Sunblock -Towels -Goggles -A hat -A long knife -Tubeless fishing line, fishing line holder, line and fishing hook.

-A set of line and bait.

-Trap to tie a net to your fishing line.

-Fish hooks -A few hooks -Small bait -Lighters -A plastic canister -Fish tape -A piece of cloth -A toothbrush -A razor blade -A fork -A water bottle -A dishwashing detergent -A washcloth -A cloth bag -Tape for the lines.

-Fins for your bait -Fishermen shoes -Luggage bags -A travel bag -Fishers lunch box -A backpack -A lunch bag -Small bags -Laundry detergent.

-Hangers -Small bottles -Small containers -Small fishing nets -A large bag.

-Laser pointers -A light source source -Foam markers -A flashlight -A mirror -A camera -A video camera – A camera that takes a picture -A TV antenna -A telescope -A laser pointer -A flash light -A binoculars -A torch -A candle -A toy gun -A book -A portable flashlight -Water for your fish.

-Small water bottles -Binoculars to see in the dark.

-The small fish to lure.

-Rings for your line.

For more information, go to fishing gear.