October 1, 2021

Bonefish fishing equipment has a reputation for making fish kill more efficiently and less painful, but new research has found that the fish-killing gear also can make your catch a bit of a mess.

The research was published this week in the journal PLOS ONE.

The paper is titled, “Effects of fishing gear on fish kill and weight in the Atlantic Atlantic.”

Researchers at the University of South Florida analyzed the impact of fishing tackle on the performance of six types of Atlantic cod.

The study used two different types of bait, called bait bait-and-line, and two types of fish, cod and perch.

The researchers measured how much fish the cod caught in the bait- and line-feeding tests, and also the number of fish caught on the perch in the tests.

The fish-kill tests included measuring the number and size of fish in the test tube.

The study also measured how often fish caught in each test caught fish-free.

The results show that fish-eating fish can make the bait and line bait-feeder fish a little bit better at killing fish, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that fish will be better off.

Instead, the fish will still kill more of their catch, which will hurt the fish.

The fish-feeding fish did a lot better on the bait.

But this isn’t necessarily because of the fish eating the bait, as the fish may have simply been feeding the bait in an attempt to get more bait.

Instead of getting the bait out of the way, the bait would be able to escape the fish and take up valuable room.

The research also showed that the bait can be effective for catching smallmouth bass and smaller cichlids, but these fish are usually caught at larger scales than cod, and larger fish typically have better performance in these tests.

It may also make the fish kill a bit more easily, as they’re more likely to be caught in a line.

These results were not surprising to the researchers, as there are a lot of good fish-hunting gear out there that will help you catch fish.

But they also are encouraging that you can use your own personal gear to make sure that you’re fishing properly.

This research adds to the growing body of evidence that suggests that using fish-catching gear can actually be good for the environment.

The Atlantic cod are one of the few species of fish that can swim with the light and the currents of the Atlantic Ocean, and they have no fear of being pulled into the water.

These fish are not particularly good swimmers, so if you’re looking to catch fish, there’s no need to get your hooks into a big, slow fish.

You can try using fish bait to lure them into the ocean, as long as you don’t use it in a way that might make them too hungry.