October 29, 2021

The only shark gear that can be found in the Bahamas is a pair of fishing nets that could make for some interesting conversation pieces.

It’s a pair, it says, of fishing gear that were caught in the deep waters off the west coast of the island.

The gear is said to be a new species of shark, and was discovered last week by the sonar team of a local diving boat, The Dive Boat.

There was no time for the sonars to reach the gear before it was captured, but the team managed to locate a very specific part of the gear, which they called the “bark”.

“It was a small piece of plastic, about the size of a quarter,” the team wrote in their blog.

“When we put it in the net, we were able to capture this image.”

A close up of the shark fishing gear.

So, it was the only shark fishing equipment that could be found on the west side of the Bahamas.

“The bark was about the length of the piece of gear that we found,” the sonarchist explained.

“We were able not only to capture it but also capture a very small piece.”

So what did the sonarchs catch?

The gear was a “barge”, as the sonarist described it.

“The size of the barge was around half the length,” the captain of the sonarcopter explained.

“The barge would have had to have been around three feet in diameter and weigh about 20 to 30 pounds.”

The sonarchists went through all the photos to identify the shark, but it wasn’t clear what they were looking for.

The sonar images show the gear in various stages of decomposition.

The gear was probably used by the shark to catch fish, but was probably caught by accident or by the wind, the sonarrist added.

“It could have been picked up by wind, it could have just been a part of a fishing operation,” the father said.

They’re currently working on a post-mortem to determine the cause of death, but have not yet decided on the cause.

A fisherman has described it as “shark bait” in an Instagram post.

One of the most popular photos of the equipment.

The father is currently going through the photos, and will post them online soon.

“I am still working on the post-mortems and will publish the results on our Facebook page as soon as they’re available,” he said.

“But I would love to share this story with people who haven’t seen it yet.”

This article was originally published on BBC News.